maanantai 28. maaliskuuta 2011

Global RallyCross Championship race: win for Marcus Gronholm

Who would guess? Marcus has not been racing since 2007 and first race in new series and first place!
He didn't lose a single heat on his way to the victory. Second place for Tanner foust.
Check out the video:

photos by rettie

perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2011

WRC Portugal

The rally of portugal has started and after SS4/17 Sepastian Ogier is in the lead.
Here are the standings now:

1. Sebastien Ogier    Citroen 43.22,2  
 2. Sebastien Loeb     Citroen    +2,8  
 3. Mikko Hirvonen     Ford       +3,3  
 4. Jari-Matti Latvala Ford       +6,0  
 5. Petter Solberg     Citroen   +55,8  
 6. Matthew Wilson     Ford    +1.14,2  
 7. Henning Solberg    Ford    +1.19,2  
 8. Kimi Räikkönen     Citroen +1.54,2  
 9. Armindo Araujo     Mini/S2 +1.54,9
10. Bernardo Sousa     Ford    +2.12,6

Petter Solberg was fastest on stage two but suffered a front-right puncture on the next run, which cost the Citroen privateer more than a minute. As a result of his delay, the Norwegian is 55.8s off the lead in fifth place after four stages. So its really tight in the top four, and anything can happen!

UPDATE: After stage 7
Four tyre puncture for Petter Solberg today, bad luck??

1. J-M.Latvala      Ford    1.23.31,4 
 2. Mikko Hirvonen   Ford        +11,5  
 3. Sebastien Loeb   Citroen     +13,7  
 4. Sebastien Ogier  Citroen     +16,7  
 5. Henning Solberg  Ford      +2.06,5
 6. Matthew Wilson   Ford      +2.11,2
 7. Armindo Araujo   Mini/S2   +3.43,7  
 8. F.Villagra       Ford      +3.36,8  
 9. Kimi Räikkönen   Citroen   +4.33,1  
10. K.Al-Qassimi     Ford      +4.35,2
UPDATE: After stage 9
14Jari-Matti LATVALA1:56:22.70.0
22Sebastien OGIER1:56:28.3+5.6
31Sebastien LOEB1:56:55.2+32.5
43Mikko HIRVONEN1:58:29.2+2:06.5
515Matthew WILSON1:59:31.6+3:08.9
65Henning SOLBERG1:59:36.2+3:13.5
717Armindo ARAUJO2:01:59.1+5:36.4
88Kimi RAIKKONEN2:02:14.5+5:51.8
97Federico VILLAGRA2:02:28.8+6:06.1
1010Khalid AL QASSIMI2:03:20.3+6:57.6
119Dennis KUIPERS2:04:31.9+8:09.2
1211Petter SOLBERG2:07:46.0+11:23.3
136Mads OSTBERG2:28:36.5+32:13.8
Update SS13/17
1. Sebastien Ogier  Citroen 2.59.30,2  
 2. Sebastien Loeb   Citroen     +37,6  
 3. J-M.Latvala      Ford      +4.14,6  
 4. Matthew Wilson   Ford      +5.26,8  
 5. Mikko Hirvonen   Ford      +5.32,5 
 6. Henning Solberg  Ford      +7.46,4 
 7. Kimi Räikkönen   Citroen   +8.55,2 
 8. F.Villagra       Ford      +9.10,0 
 9. Petter Solberg   Citroen  +11.27,1  
10. Dennis Kuipers   Ford     +13.07,9 
1. Sebastien Ogier    Citroen  4.10.53,4 
 2. Sebastien Loeb     Citroen      +31,8 
 3. Jari-Matti Latvala Ford       +3.22,1 
 4. Mikko Hirvonen     Ford       +6.16,3 
 5. Matthew Wilson     Ford       +7.48,5 
 6. Petter Solberg     Citroen   +10.17,4 
 7. Kimi Räikkönen     Citroen   +10.54,1 
 8. Federico Villagra  Ford      +11.38,8 
 9. Henning Solberg    Ford      +14.16,4 
10. Dennis Kuipers     Ford      +17.54,6
Lots of problems for ford.
Hirvonen still in the lead overall

maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Hyprid race car?

Porsches is about  to compite in THE GREEN HELL  June 25, 2011,with new Hybrid 911GT3 R .

There is two 75 kilowatts electric motors and one  470 hp, six-cylinder boxer engine at the rear and the car should be actually more efficient than the old one! more power on less fuel, more efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, why not?







Looking good?

sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Marcus Grönholm will compite in Global RallyCross championship

Rally legend(World Rally Championship titles (2000, 2002) Marcus Grönholm will be driving the 600-hp all-wheel drive Best Buy Ford Fiesta In the Global RallyCross  championship on March 25-26 in Irwindale, CA.

Rallycross is so mutch fun to watch and there is allways something happening ! Also there will be Tanner Foust, Rhys Millen, Marcus Dodd and Dave Mirra for first time. Racing this month will take place on an inventive dirt and tarmac track configuration on the speedway oval.  Its gonna be huge.

 This one is Grönholms Ford Fiesta

lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2011

Typical Driftcar?

Check this out! This is an Mercedes W123 wagon -81 from Black smoke team Finland.
3.0 Litre diesel-engine with huge turbo. This car and the driver (Teemu Peltola) = insane.
For this year they are making the car even better. They are swapping the tremek manual gearbox for heavily modded automatic gearbox.  Cant wait to see that in action. Here is some videos of the car from last year.

For more visit

perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

Formula D Qatar results

The race was awesome! Some serious drifting action. The track was good and seems that the local are really interested about drifting and racing. They sure do have money for that... Fredric Aasbo was my favorite today, cant wait for his new car!
Here is the top3

1st Place: Tanner Foust
2nd Place: Tengku Djan
3rd Place: Fredric Aasbo

 Photo by: j2martinez

Formula Drift Qatar

Today will be driven the Formula drift qatar race.  Some good drivers will be there like Frederic Aasbö, Tengku Djan and Kik Sak Nana and others. Here is the live stream if you want to check it out !

Some WRC

One week and it will start! The rally of Portugal.
Will Loeb take this one too? I dont thinks so. The new Wrc Fiesta should be in a better tune now and Mikko Hirvonenen and JM Latvala should be in top of  the board. The rally of Portugal is really difficult for many drivers. Kimi Räikkönen is also been testin his car in portugal and seems quite confident for it- but dont expect anything special from him...

There will be new arrivals in the wrc series! Saab and Mini ! Its relly nice to see more than just ford and citröen there. Saab is coming in 2012 and Mini is allready there. Wonder how will they do...

This is the base for the new Saab WRC (SAAB 9-1) Looks ugly!

I love the Mini WRC

Here is some fixtures
Rally SwedenRally Sweden10 - 13 Feb 11Winner: M. HIRVONENFinal Results
Rally Guanajuato MexicoRally Guanajuato Mexico03 - 06 Mar 11Winner: S. LOEBFinal Results
Vodafone Rally de PortugalVodafone Rally de Portugal24 - 27 Mar 11 Next Rally
Jordan RallyJordan Rally14 - 16 Apr 11  
Rally d'Italia SardegnaRally d'Italia Sardegna05 - 08 May 11  
Rally ArgentinaRally Argentina26 - 29 May 11  
Acropolis Rally of GreeceAcropolis Rally of Greece16 - 19 Jun 11  
Neste Oil Rally FinlandNeste Oil Rally Finland28 - 31 Jul 11  
ADAC Rally DeutschlandADAC Rally Deutschland18 - 21 Aug 11  
Rally AustraliaRally Australia08 - 11 Sep 11  
Rallye de FranceRallye de France29 Sep - 02 Oct 11  
RACC Rally de EspanaRACC Rally de Espana20 - 23 Oct 11  
Wales Rally GBWales Rally GB10 - 13 Nov 11  

torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Summer is coming

Here in Finland there is still a lot of snow and all the fans of motorsports are waiting summer to come.
Sure you  can race on  ice or on the snow, but its definetly not the same.

In Finland we got quite a lot different type of series, people have built and upgraded their cars now and they are soon ready for action. For my self ill be following  drifting the most. There will be driven few drift series and the level of the drivers and the cars is truly amazing! I will get to that later...
I m really looking forward to the happenings of the  whole world. In Japan, the earthquake destoyed some famos drifttracks like the Ebishu but the the repairing is going on.